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Fire safety
  Fire signaling
  Management by evacuation
  Extinguishing of fire
  Smoke removal
  Fire protecting
  Lightning Protecting
  Electro- measuring
Guard systems
  Guard signaling
  Perimeter signaling
  Access control
  Clever house
Technogenic safety
  Plan of localization
  Systems of early discovery
  Development documents of civil defence
Innovative technologies


Planning of the systems of the guard signaling, videosupervision, perimeter signaling, control to access. Registration of estimate documentation. Editing of the systems of guard.Здача to Customer, on Stand.

The televisional systems of supervision, control and guard are intended for a discovery, distinction and/or authentication of control object.

Types of supervision are subdivided into:
- open demonstrative, coming into a notice and frightening off potential criminals;
- open barely visible, not diverting attention employees and visitors, and also not coming into the notice of violators;
- hidden by application of miniature televisional chambers for the receipt of confidential information or protecting from unauthorized actions.
The systems can be conditionally divided into next types: videosupervision, videoinspection (videosupervision with the videotape recording), videoguard (videoinspection with the autodetect of motion), videodefence in the integrated complex of guard and defence.
The systems are plugged in itself:
are televisional chambers, containing the sensor of image, productive videosignal;
are video monitors, transforming a videosignal in a video picture;
are automatic obl-turning devices;
are divizors of screen, simultaneously representing more than one image on one monitor;
are videoswitchboards for connecting more of one chamber to one or to the greater amount of monitors by hand, automatically or after the receipt of conditional signal (for example, on alarming);
are videorecorders for the record of videosignals on a magnetic ribbon real-time and reproducing of them as an image on the screen of monitor;
are videoprinters, transforming a videosignal and unsealing an image on the special paper:
are videodetectors motions generating an alarm signal in reply to changes in the signal of one or a few televisional chambers;
it is the ancillaries required for organization of videoinspection.

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