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Fire safety
  Fire signaling
  Management by evacuation
  Extinguishing of fire
  Smoke removal
  Fire protecting
  Lightning Protecting
  Electro- measuring
Guard systems
  Guard signaling
  Perimeter signaling
  Access control
  Clever house
Technogenic safety
  Plan of localization
  Systems of early discovery
  Development documents of civil defence
Innovative technologies

The private enterprise of System of Safety and Newest Technologies

The private enterprise of "System of Safety and Newest Technologies"

The private enterprise of "System of Safety and Newest Technologies" give complex services in the spheres of Technogenic Safety and Guard-fire systems.
Our work to do highly-dangerous objects controlled, informative, planned, safe, provided with on the complete program all necessary documentation. To hand over an object turn-key.
Those, who need defence, have the opportunity to equip a house, office, enterprise, their territory by the newest equipment of the best in the segment producers of the world.
Knowledge and long-term experience of our specialists will help you in the decision of one or another tasks.
Project - estimate documentation and cost of assembling are adjusting works conform to Customer.

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