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System extinguishing of fire


1. Planning the Extinguishing of fire System
2. Concordance of project documentation
3. Editing the Extinguishing of fire System

4. Starting-up and adjustment works

5. Handing over of object in exploitation under key.

Options of setting extinguishing of fire are an aggregate of stationary technical equipments for extinguishing of fire due to producing of extinguishing substance.
On the degree of automation of setting subdivide into automatic, automated, hand and robot .
By appearance the extinguishing substances of setting are subdivided into aquatic, foamy, gas, powder-like, aerosol and combined. The choice of substance comes true depending on the type of combustible material (substances) and class (subclass) of credible fire. Thus checked up contra-indication to the use of every substance and his influence on an environment.
On the method of extinguishing of setting subdivide into a volume, superficial, locally-volume and locally-superficial. Module options of extinguishing of fire are plug and plays, foreseeing placing of capacity with a extinguishing of fire substance and starting device directly in the protected apartment.
On an inertance options are subdivided into littleinertia, to the middle inertance and high inertance. At the choice of fast-acting providing of safety of people and decline of damage is taken into account that fire.
On duration of action of setting subdivide into impulsive, brief action, mean time of action and protracted action.
By appearance drive of setting subdivide into options with a hand, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and combined drive.

Planning the Extinguishing of fire System.Concordance of project documentation. Editing the Extinguishing of fire System. Starting-up and adjustment works. Handing over of object in exploitation under key

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