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Fire warning

Fire warning.Development of documentation on setting of the fire warning. Conclusion of signal "FIRE" on Stand.


1. Planning the System of Fire signaling
2. Concordance of project documentation

3. Editing the systems of Fire signaling

4. Starting-up and adjustment works

5. Handing over of object in exploitation under key.

The system of the fire warning
is a complex of technical equipments servings for the timely discovery of ignition in the protected zone. As a rule, the fire warning is integrated in a complex, uniting the systems of safety and engineering systems of building, providing reliable address information of the system of notification, , smoke removal. The fire warning is included in the complex of measures on fire-prevention defence of materials and objects. She does not rescue from a fire the direct extinguishing, however she is able to find out a fire on the early stage and in time notify about it.
Offered services:
1. Planning;
2. Editing;
3. Adjusting works;
4. Handing over in exploitation of the technical systems of the fire warning.

An alarm signal is passed on the stand of guard or private guard enterprise, and also on the telephone of Customer.

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