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Fire safety

Fire safety. Consultations on a tel. 098-2194265. Planning of the systems of fire safety : signaling, automatic fire extinguishing, notification about a fire. Concordance of project documentation

Fire safety is the state of object, characterized by possibility of prevention of origin and development of fire, and also affecting, people and property of dangerous factors of fire. Fire safety of object must be provided by the systems of prevention of fire and fire-prevention defence, including by organizationally-technical measures.
A fire is impossible not under what circumstances, if the contact of lighting source is eliminated with combustible material (on this basis principle the divisions of rules of fire safety, sent to prevention and extinguishing of fires, are developed).
If the potential source of lighting and combustible environment it is impossible fully to exclude from a technological process, then this equipment or apartment, which it is placed in, must be reliably protected by automatic facilities :

Emergency disconnecting of equipment
Different signaling.
The methods of counteraction to the fire are divided by:
are ablatitious probability origins of fire (prophylactic);
- protecting and life-saving from a fire.
Prevention of distribution of fire is arrived at by measures, limiting an area, intensity and duration of burning. To them behave:
structural and by volume of-plan decisions impedimental to distribution of dangerous factors of fire on an apartment, between apartments, between the groups of apartments of different functional fire hazard, between floors and sections, between fire compartments, and also between building;
limitation of fire hazard of the build materials used in the superficial layers of building constructions, including , finishing and revetments of facades, apartments and ways of evacuation;

decline of technological - and fire danger of apartments and building;

presence of primary, including automatic and signaling and notification about a fire.
Prophylactic actions

Domestic actions, ablatitious probability of origin of fire :

Electric wiring in order to avoid the origin of short circuit able to result in a fire, insulate.
Insulate from moisture of wall outlet, located in WC and on external walls.
and automatic safety devices set.
gas and electric flags from wooden furniture.
For extinguishing of cigarette-ends use ash-trays, and candles fire is set in candlesticks.

Also all employees of enterprises must study a fire-TEHnical minimum.

Protective actions
Protecting directly from a fire is divided by protecting of man from a high temperature and from frequently more hazardous poison substances distinguished at a fire in air. Use the thermal isolation clothes of (battle clothes of fireman), insulating gas-masks and vehicles on the compressed air, filter air hoods on the type of gas-masks.

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