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Guard signaling

The guard signaling is this device, that will allow to you always to carry conviction out of harm's way Your house, office, apartment, storage, shopfloor et cetera. The guard signaling is counted on warning of unauthorized division in an apartment.

The guard signaling can be conditionally divided into two types, taking for basis such criterion, as method of notification about an alarm:
The first type is the autonomous guard signaling. The powerful alarming - sirens reactive a powerful acoustical signal at encroachment on territory of the guarded apartment is foreseen in such system. Thus alarming is passed neither on a guard point nor it is reported to the proprietor. The second type of the guard signaling is the system connected to the guard stand - centralized control stand. Such systems usually name "stand guard signaling". On all apartment sensors that pass alarming on a control panel are located, and from there a signal acts on a guard stand.
Sensors are many kinds, depending on that, what factor they react on. Most widespread from them - volume,  acoustic, oscillation and sensors with the directed diagram of discovery.
By volume sensors memorize the volume of the guarded apartment and react on his change. The sensors of motion are also included in this group, as they work on the same principle. Among such sensors there are models that can distinguish a man and domestic animals. The guard signaling with such sensors is often used for the guard of apartments and dwelling-houses.
sensors are set on doors and windows and watch their opening or closing. Two magnets are set opposite each other: one on movable part of door or window, and other on his immobile part. When between two magnets lost touch, a sensor immediately passes a signal on a control panel.
In the guard signaling with such sensors there is a row of defects : for example, penetrating on territory of the guarded apartment is possible not only through windows or doors - malefactors can penetrate, we it admits, through ventilation shafts or it is simple to break up glass of Oka and not open a frame. Therefore the use of such sensors in the guard signaling is recommended the combined with other type sensors for example, acoustic. Such sensors just react on a loud sound - including, loud scream, sound of the broken glass.
In addition, the guard signaling is often set with sensors with the directed diagram of discovery. There are three types of such sensors : window shade, curtain, corridor. They are set on the perimeter of apartment and with lightness react on encroachment of strangers on guarded object. Also in the guard signaling use oscillation sensors. They suppose protecting of walls from break a secret and windows.
The guard signaling can be equipped by such equipment, as coller, GSM module, service sensors.Automatic coller by phone informs about an alarm. He passes the beforehand prepared record on the beforehand indicated telephone numbers. By means of GSM -модуля it is possible to inform about an alarm by means of short reports of смс. Service sensors can carry out user facilities, for example, to watch протечку of water or outgassing. All equipment is connected to the control panel.
The guard signaling is mostly put in a complete set with the source of trouble-free feed.
The "stand" guard signaling implies complete twenty-four-hour control above an apartment and all, then in him takes place. In case of alarm, a signal enters corresponding services. There are three ways, as possible to notify about an alarm. First is a telephone line. Automatic
дозваниватели use for this purpose. Also a radio channel or GSM can be used Channel of cellular operator. Lately, with development of technologies, to these methods also add the Internet.
The "stand" guard signaling is usually paid monthly. A subscriber pay depends on an area and features of the guarded apartment. In addition, the size of subscriber pay more than for physical for legal entities. The "stand" guard signaling can be state and private. Private carry out private guard agencies, and state are department organs.
Although, there are organizations that by agreement with a department guard only set the equipment, and at alarming the employees of
МВД arrive on the guarded object. Some organizations have own subdivisions of guard.
In the system of stand guard there is the "red button" also named the anxious button. It is needed to press her, and alarming here acts on a control stand. Mainly this button is counted on protecting from robbery attacks. There are different ways of realization of this "button of alarm". She can be under the table of employee, be disguised under a decorative decoration or to be executed outwardly as a trinket for the keys or mobile telephone.

Planning of the systems of the guard signaling, videosupervision, perimeter signaling, control to access. Registration of estimate documentation. Editing of the systems of guard.Здача to Customer, on Stand.

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