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Fireproof works


1. Project of protecting from a fire
2. Concordance of project documentation

3. Fireproof treatment

4. Starting-up and adjustment works

5. Act of fireproof works

Fireproof works of building constructions is one of important aspects of providing of fire safety of building and building.
Fireproof works is this decline of fire hazard of different constructions and materials by the way of спец.обработки.
Fireproof works is component part of the general system of measures on providing of fire safety.
Materials different originally to the class of fire hazard are used in the building constructions of building and building.
Fireproof works is the basic measure of prophylaxis of fires, passive means of protecting from them. She is sent to the increases of actual limit of fire-resistance of constructions to the required values and limitation of limit of distribution of fire, and also for the decline of combustibility of materials, prevention of spunking, deceleration or stopping of development of the initial stage of fires and providing of his rapid localization.
Fireproof works assists liquidation of fire, simplifies realization of new progressive decisions in building. Огнезащита of constructions and materials increases the actual limit of fire-resistance of constructions and diminishes speed of distribution of fire.
As it applies to building constructions a term "
Fireproof works " has concrete value consisting of increase of their fire-resistance and fire safety due to the use of different fireproof compositions. Most widely they are applied for defence of metallic load carrying structures, timber-works, elements of easy protections, carpet coverages and decorative fabrics.
The special place is in the assortment of the materials offered to the consumer, occupy fireproof impregnations and paints on a tree and metal.
Our specialists execute the complex of works on passive
огнезащите of wood (timber-works and wares from a tree), on editing, repair and maintenance of backer-ups of fire safety of building and building.
Wood - one of the most popular and ecologically clean build materials requiring a careful care and defence. The problem of fire safety of wood can be successfully decided through the special treatment facilities of
огнезащиты (антипирены), and antiseptics will provide longevity of material from harmful insects, mycotic defeats, rot and mould. Treatment of build materials and constructions reliability and longevity of wooden house guarantee facilities of огнезащиты and antiseptics.
Most optimal from the methods of
огнезащиты is superficial treatment of elements of constructions and materials with the use of fireproof pastes, paints, varnishes and impregnations.
Look like an ordinary paint, spumific fireproof materials under act of temperature form
тепло- and fireproof coverage, protecting constructions from influence of fire.
Fireproof works of load carrying building structures is an important element of fire safety of any building and building. Applying огнезащиту of load carrying building structures you promote bearing strengths of constructions substantially. Fireproof works of wood allows more widely to apply ecologically clean and inexpensive arboreal material in building.
Modern industry of build materials constantly provides a building market new, high-efficiency build materials. Possessing hi-tech and decorative properties, they at the same time are very sensible to the high temperatures and influence of fire. Metals are quickly heated and lose the properties. Wood and plastics and wares to not their basis, and also synthetic carpet coverages and decorative fabrics burn and here distinguish the far of smoke and toxic substances.
All these internalss regulated by the nomas of fire safety limit application and more deployment domains new, and also effective old materials in building.
As a rule, at new building fireproof measures are mortgaged yet on the stage of planning, and at the concordance of project with the organs of government fire-prevention service it is possible to carry conviction, that all fireproof measures will be taken into account in a project and executed on the stage of building.

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