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Lightning Protecting

Given services:

1. Planning of the system of Lightning Protecting

2. Concordance of projekt documentation

3. Editing of the systems of Lightning Protecting

4. Starting-up and adjustment works

5. Handing over of object in exploitation "turn-key"

Lightning Protecting is the complex of technical decisions and special adaptations for providing of building safety, and also property and people of being in him. On earth annually takes place to the 16-и million thunderstorms, id est about 44 thousands for a day. A direct thunderbolt is very dangerous for the health of people, the cases of mortal end are not uncommon.
For building and building by threats because of direct contact of channel of lightning with the struck objects are possibility of ignition or destruction, and also damage of sensible equipment because of concomitant to lightning of the impulsive electromagnetic field.

External Lightning Protecting is the system, providing the intercept of lightning and taking of her in earth, the same, protecting building (building) from a damage and fire. The system of external Lightning Protecting, organized on principle of Lightning net, is designed individually under every concrete building. In the moment of direct thunderbolt in a building object the correctly projected and erected Lightning Protecting device must assume the current of lightning and to take him on grounding.
Passing of current of lightning must happen without a damage to the protected object and to be safe for people being both inwardly and outside of this object.

The internal system of lightning guard consists of tire of smoothing of potentials, that unites all extensive of house, in particular connects
«0» of the electric system with the contour of grounding, screens televisional cables, pipes of water-supply and heating with the contour of grounding, lightning-rods with the contour of grounding.

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