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Fire safety
  Fire signaling
  Management by evacuation
  Extinguishing of fire
  Smoke removal
  Fire protecting
  Lightning Protecting
  Electro- measuring
Guard systems
  Guard signaling
  Perimeter signaling
  Access control
  Clever house
Technogenic safety
  Plan of localization
  Systems of early discovery
  Development documents of civil defence
Innovative technologies

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  Fireproof works

Services: 1. Project of protecting from a fire 2. Concordance of project ... of prophylaxis of fires, passive means of protecting from them. She is sent to the increases of ... elements of easy protections, carpet coverages and decorative fabrics. The special place is in ... act of temperature form тепло - and fireproof coverage, protecting constructions from influence of fire. ... to not their basis, and also synthetic carpet coverages and decorative fabrics burn and here distinguish ... More

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