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Access control

Checking and management systems allow to close an unauthorized division access (further "") on territory, in building or separate apartment, not creating obstacles for a passage-way in the settled zones.
allow to carry out :
access of employees and visitors of object restriction in apartment;
temporal control of moving of employees and visitors on an object;
control after the actions of guard during a duty;
table account of business hours of every employee;
fixing of time of arrival and care of visitors;
temporal and personal control of opening and closing of internal rooms;
joint work with the systems of the guard-fire signaling and televisional videoinspection (at the wearing-out of event alerts blockthis or vice versa, for example, at a fire the doors of the guarded apartment are deblocked or a video camera is included);
registration and delivery of information about attempts unsanctioned penetrations in the guarded apartment.
usually consists of next basic components:
device of authentication (identifiers);
device of control and management by access (comptrollers);
central control (computers) unit.
device executive (locks, drives of doors, barriers,
turnstiles et cetera).

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