Fire safety
  Fire signaling
  Management by evacuation
  Extinguishing of fire
  Smoke removal
  Fire protecting
  Lightning Protecting
  Electro- measuring
Guard systems
  Guard signaling
  Perimeter signaling
  Access control
  Clever house
Technogenic safety
  Plan of localization
  Systems of early discovery
  Development documents of civil defence
Innovative technologies

Authentication of object

Services from authentication of object.
Authentication is conducted in obedience to Decree of Cabinet of Ministr of Ukraine 956 from 2002 and 98
of Ukraine from 2006.
For authentication all factors of presence of dangerous environment and substances undertake on an enterprise. A technological process is analysed, a category is determined ARF or
. Farther on an object the passport of is recorded, and a certificate is given out from State Fund of Insurance of Documentation Kharkiv. If object of enhanceable danger, then Declaration of Safety and territorial organ of Labour Protection are developed gives out the certificate of object to enhanceable dangers.

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