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Smoke removal. Planning, editing, handing over "turn-key"


1. Planning of the system of smoke removal

2. Concordance of project documentation

3. Editing of the systems of smoke removal

4. Starting-up and adjustment works

5. Handing over of object in exploitation under key.

A smoke removal  is a process of moving away of smoke and serve of clean air the system of reveal-drawing antismoky ventilation of building for providing of safe evacuation of people from building at a fire arising up in one of apartments.
Work of the system of antismoky defence is subject to the action of great number hardly yielding to the account of factors, that the difficult, varied phenomena looked after at a fire are the basis of : chemical reactions of combustible materials with oxygen of air, difficult heat exchange, diffusion, turbulent interfusion of spatial unisothermal blasts and foods of burning.
The system of antismoky defence of building or building must provide defence of people on the ways of evacuation and in safe zones from influence of dangerous factors of fire during time, necessary for evacuation of people, or all time of development and extinguishing of fire by means of moving away of foods of burning and thermal decomposition and (or) prevention of their distribution.
The systems of antismoky ventilation are on the defensive apartments not having natural illumination

Planning of the system of smoke removal. Concordance of project documentation. Editing of the systems of smoke removal. Starting-up and adjustment works. Handing over of object in exploitation under key.

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